Validation using streamlit widget

HI, i am wondering is there a way by which we can add a validation like functionality in our streamlit app.
basically, i am working on streamlit project, where i wanted to perform the EDA and model building task on the dataset that is being provided by the user. for this purpose, i am adding 2 different radio button. (Explore and Model) now what i wanted is till the time the user won’t upload the data, radio button should be disabled (disabled = True), and as soon as user uploads it. setting of radio button should change to (disabled = False). Please let me know if there is a way by which i can perform this task.

Hey @abhi_or_22, welcome to our forum :smile:

In order to change the disabled property of depending on whether the user uploaded the data, I would recommend you to make a variable which is True or False based on whether st.file_uploader is None or not :upside_down_face: and use it for the disabled= property.

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You can play with the following code in this app, hope that helps:

import streamlit as st 
import pandas as pd

# Initialize the boolean telling you if the user uploaded anything...
has_uploaded_file = False

uploaded_file = st.file_uploader("Upload any file below")

if uploaded_file is not None:
    # Ah! User has uploaded some data. Now changing to "True"
    has_uploaded_file = True
task =
    "Choose task", 
    ["Explore", "Model"], 
    disabled=not has_uploaded_file,  # <-- See here!