Vamp error no package named numpy

Hey everyone im making a project which needs vamp to identify the chords from an mp3 file . While creating my streamlit app it gives me the following error . Ive also attached my requirements.txt and packages.txt file below.

would really appreciate if I get some guidance as to how I can fix this



To help you fix the error related to using Vamp to identify chords from an MP3 file in your Streamlit app, I’ll need more specific information about the error you are encountering. However, I can provide some general troubleshooting steps that may help:

  1. Check the error message: Carefully read the error message you received. It can provide valuable information about what went wrong. Look for any specific error codes or error descriptions that can help narrow down the issue.

  2. Verify Vamp installation: Ensure that you have installed Vamp correctly and that all its dependencies are satisfied. You can refer to the official Vamp documentation or the documentation of the specific Vamp plugin you are using to check the installation steps and requirements.

  3. Confirm MP3 file compatibility: Make sure that the MP3 file you are trying to process is in a compatible format and can be read by the Vamp plugin you are using. Some plugins might have limitations on the audio format or require specific configurations.

  4. Check plugin compatibility: Ensure that the Vamp plugin you are using is compatible with the version of Vamp you have installed. Different plugins may have different requirements and compatibility constraints.

  5. Review code and dependencies: Double-check your code and any related dependencies to ensure that everything is properly set up. Verify that you are correctly calling the Vamp plugin and passing the necessary arguments.

  6. Debug step-by-step: If possible, try to narrow down the issue by simplifying your code and running it step-by-step. This can help you identify the specific point where the error occurs and troubleshoot accordingly.

  7. Seek community support: Look for any community forums, GitHub repositories, or dedicated forums related to the Vamp plugin or Streamlit. Often, other users or the plugin developers themselves can provide guidance or solutions to common issues.

If you provide more specific details about the error message, the code you are using, and any relevant dependencies, I can assist you further in resolving the error.

Hey there thanks a lot for the prompt reply .

I fixed the issue by removing vamp and chord extractor from my requirements file , creating the app so that all other packages were installed , then adding vamp and chord extractor and it worked like that

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