Verify.AI: Using Machine Learning to Detect LLM Generated Essays

Hey everyone!

Recently, I built an application using Streamlit that can determine whether some essay was written by a student or by a LLM. To use the app, users can simply paste their essay into the text box and within a couple seconds, they will be presented with a prediction. For the model, I settled on using a fine-tuned DistilBERT model, which can be accessed below! Sharing the project with the community, feel free to play around with it and let me know your thoughts!

Github Repo:

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Hi @Jinal_Shah

Thanks for sharing!

This is super helpful. Perhaps a small suggestion, it would be great if the text box (which is currently using st.text_input) would be replaced with st.text_area (st.text_area - Streamlit Docs) as this would provide ample room to view the pasted text on multiple lines.

Anyways, great app!

Hey @dataprofessor!

I am glad you liked it!
Thanks for the suggestion! I implemented your feedback, and I can definitely see a difference in terms of ease of use!

Thanks again!

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