Revealai: Check for AI plagiarism

A simple streamlit app to detect if a piece of text is written by Ai.

How to use it?

Copy a piece of text and paste it in the text box. Click the Analyze button, and let the models behind do the magic.

What is shown in the output?

The output shows if the text is written by AI or not. Additionally it provides a probability metric indicating how confident it is bout the output.

What else can you do?

There is a feedback button on the app to indicate if the output is correct or not. A collection of feedback automatically triggers retraining a part of the model to give better results.


Cool. Is the service free?

Yup, as long as I can bear the cloud costs, it will be free.

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Right, if I can earn from your service, I will share.

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For some reasons I really like the visuals :slight_smile:

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Been developing a chess game analyzer, now with Stockfish and GPT3. I tried to use GPT3 to comment on a chess position from a game.


I input the text:

Through sincere contemplation of the game, we see that White is slightly better overall with one pawn advantage in material and better king safety. Meanwhile Black has a superior threat evaluation to even out this imbalance. May God grant us all wisdom as we strive for victory!

on your app, and it wrote “Written by Human with probability 1.0”

I prompt GPT3 to comment as a priest.

Is it fair that I have to press the thumb down in the app?

If the answer provided by the app is incorrect, please press the thumb down button. Then we can update the models in the next batch.
Another thing to point out is, the larger the number of sentences in a piece of text, the better the predictions are.

Thanks for the hint.

Here is another scenario. I created a topic with some sentences. I then let chatgpt paraphrase it, then input it on your app. I got:

Written by Human with probability 0.953

Thumb’s up or down?

That’s another grey area I am not sure how I should handle. AI assisted writing is still ethical and frankly much harder to detect.

Paraphrasing tools lack the signatures of totally Ai generated text.

Thanks, good info.

I have also added file upload support, many users requested for that.

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Great project! Did you use any kind of special library or made it from scratch?

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I created everything from scratch.

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