Version 1.24.0


  • :speech_balloon: Introducing st.chat_message and st.chat_input — two new chat elements that let you build conversational apps. Learn how to use these features in your LLM-powered chat apps in our tutorial.
  • :floppy_disk: Streamlit’s caching decorators now allow you to customize Streamlit’s hashing of input parameters with the keyword-only argument hash_funcs.

Notable Changes

  • :snake: We’ve deprecated support for Python 3.7 in the core library and Streamlit Community Cloud (#6868).
  • :date: st.cache_data and st.cache_resource can hash timezone-aware datetime objects (#6812, #6690, #5110).

Other Changes

  • :sparkles: Visual design tweaks to Streamlit’s input widgets (#6817).
  • :bug: Bug fix: st.write pretty-prints dataclasses using (#6750).
  • :beetle: Bug fix: st.button’s height is consistent with that of other widgets (#6738).
  • :ant: Bug fix: Upgraded the react-range frontend dependency to fix the memory usage of sliders (#6764, #5436). Thanks @wolfd!
  • :honeybee: Bug fix: Pydantic validators no longer result in exceptions on app reruns (#6664, #3218).
  • :lady_beetle: Bug fix: streamlit config show honors newlines (#6758, #2868).
  • :fly: Bug fix: Fixed a race condition to ensure Streamlit reruns the latest code when the file changes (#6884).
  • :butterfly: Bug fix: Apps no longer rerun when users click anchor links (#6834, #6500).
  • :spider_web: Bug fix: Added robust out-of-bounds checks for min_value and max_value in st.number_input (#6847, #6797).

Thanks for st.chat_message and st.chat_input. I updated my application to use it and it is much more responsive (and can even print out the chat).

Your example with the streaming response from the API provides a better user experience!

A couple suggestions though…

  • if the chat window is not scrolled to the bottom it does not automatically jump to the bottom when the new response starts to come in.
  • would be nice to have a right format option for one of the discussions… like user input.
  • using local path to png files for avatar images works fine in local but fails in cloud.
  • with the chat application, sometimes the sidebar open icon disappears while run from a phone.

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