Version 1.9.0

Notable Changes

  • :accordion: st.json now supports a keyword-only argument, expanded on whether the JSON should be expanded by default (defaults to True )
  • :running_woman: More performance improvements from reducing redundant work each script run

Other Changes

  • :racehorse: Widgets when disabled is set/unset will maintain its value (#4527)
  • :test_tube: Experimental feature to increase the speed of reruns using configuration runner.fastReruns . See #4628 for the known issues in enabling this feature.
  • :world_map: DataFrame timestamps support UTC offset in addition to time zone notation (#4669)

Will multipage be in the next release?


Great to see the new release


guys, can you please share the release timeframe for the multiple-page support? I am desperately looking for a multiple page solution with authentication. Fhireman has the perfect solution I am looking for , but he did not have a github type of tutorial.

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Looks like they’re in the home stretch. Multipage apps -- the big merge by vdonato Β· Pull Request #4698 Β· streamlit/streamlit Β· GitHub


How can I enable fast Reruns? I got:
Error: no such options: --fastReruns

@Andrew_Holoska It’s probably streamlit run --runner.fastReruns true :wink:

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It’s probably streamlit run --runner.fastReruns true :wink:

Fanilo is spot on! An alternative would be to create a project specific .streamlit/config.toml with:

fastReruns = true
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This works. thank you!