Visualization of stock ticker mentions in "new" posts on WSB


I don’t know if this will interest anybody, but I made a 'lil data collection program that tracks and visualizes stocks mentioned on wsb in posts under the “new” filter. The data is clean in the sense that it ignores “Meme” tagged posts and only counts 1 stock ticker mention per comment (so if a long comments mentions the same ticker multiple times, it will only count as 1 mention per that comment).


Do you have a link to your app?

Sorry, don’t know how I missed that part. Here you go:

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No big deal. That’s a great scraping app. The scroll to zoom ability confuses me though. :sweat_smile:

Here is an alternative visualization with a tree map from another streamlit user that has done the same with WSB ticker symbols →

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That’s amazing! Definitely a better visualization. Thanks for sharing, I’ll try to implement the same for mine:)