Wanted - streamlit/python dev to build dashboard for startup

Hi community

I am looking for (a) streamlit dev(s) who will do piece work - i.e. a fee for each streamlit dashboard developed to support our startup.

We’re building a startup leveraging the Snowflake ecosystem that will help companies with pre-defined BI and analytics and I need someone to help develop the first few Streamlits.

We have the requirements and back end data warehouse and SQL stuff covered but are lacking on Streamlit and Python skills at the moment.

Currently we are in PMF stage but working with one customer to develop the product so there’s not a lot on the website…


:handshake: Calon Analytics

www.calonanalytics.com (there is not a lot on the website at the moment)


Please respond via messages here with your details / offering / experience, rates (in USD or EUR), and an example of your work

:round_pushpin: Location

Anywhere. Language = English

:building_construction: Job Description

Develop streamlit dashboards based on business requirements we provide and data we provide, on a piece basis (i.e. a fixed price for each dashboard, to be finalised once requirements are provided, but within a range agreed up front)

I imagine each piece will look something like the following. If you have a better / preferred way then please suggest.

Step 1 - we provide you a csv of the data and the requirements, you build a first cut dashboard and provide the source code to our git
Step 2 - we review the dashboard, provide feedback, maybe update requirements, you update the dashboard.
Step 3 - we review and signoff on design, if signed off, you update migrate the dashboard to Streamlit on Snowflake (if not, back to Step 2)

I would expect experience in Streamlit, Altair, Matplotlib, plotly, and pandas and general python expertise.

Even better - if you can help and advise with design, best practices, how to best work with Streamlit on Snowflake etc.

Not needed at this point - security / access controls, any database side work.

This is not an offer for employment.


@Nathan_calon Hi Nathan, would you be open to working with an agency? As we have experience with Python and dashboard building.


Hello Nate,

I have lots of experience building Streamlit applications within snowflakes native applications framework that are deployed on the marketplace.

My day rate is £400 GBP.

Please contact me for more info.


Hi - I could be if the price is right as well as the experience. Do you have some examples of your team and streamlit dashboard building that you could share, as well as how you would normally price a job?

Nathan Jones

+41 79 874 35 95

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Hello there! I am a software developer with one year of experience working with Streamlit.
I offer design and development services. Contact me to discuss your first project.
This is one of my dashboards using streamlit
I can’t share information about it but this is 2 pages from it


Hi - thanks all, I’ve found two people who are helping out already now - what a great community :slight_smile:


Hi, is the opportunity still open? i have some awesome dashbords to share and i can work for it … please let me know if you want to see.


Hi Rohan
I’ve got someone working with me at the moment through this but I do expect more work coming up in the future as I start engaging properly with customers. Currently we are just building a demo.

Happy to have a chat in the next few days though to understand what you have



thanks @Nathan_calon , just ping me on linkedin and we can have the discussion there …
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rohansharma11

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@Nathan_calon Happy to help with building dashboard with Streamlit. I’m an AI Engineer and pre-money startup founder of a freelance/development company. I am looking to build my reputation and list of clients for my business. More than happy to help and pro-bono consult in exchange to pick your team’s brain as a fellow startup founder. I have many projects built with StreamLit (my portfolio website if built with streamlit). Feel free to reach out to me on my website (https://matt-ogbuehi-ai.onrender.com/)


I’m interested, and my charge is $100 per day. I have experience in Streamlit, Altair, Matplotlib, Plotly, and pandas, and I can provide assistance with design, best practices, and working with Streamlit on Snowflake. Exploring roles in ML, Data Science, Business & Data Analysis, and Engineering with 1+ year of experience. Proficient in Python, ML, DL, NLP, SQL, Tableau, Power BI. On a 30-day notice period. Open to opportunities and appreciate any referrals. Contact me at irigved2000@gmail.com or +91 8349963744. Let me know if you would like to discuss further!


Hi Nathan,
If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as I am an experienced Streamlit consultant
You can reach out to me on my email here


Hi Nathan,
I am a data analyst developing custom-built streamlit apps tailored on specific client requirements.
Here is my demo app for reference as a proof of my work, in case you are still interested on this kind of cooperation and the offer has not expired:

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Hello ,
As per my knowledge .
We are leveraging the Snowflake ecosystem for BI and analytics. Our requirements and back-end data are covered, but we need help with Streamlit and Python. We’re currently in the Product-Market Fit stage, working with one initial customer.
Thank you


I’m interested in your help for my startup. Could you please provide your Telegram or Email?

Hi @Baros, quite interested in your help. Please shoot your email or Telegram!

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Thanks for your interest. Would be glad to discuss further details.
Please reach out at andreas_baros@hotmail.co.uk

Or through linkedin: