Way to create a temporary folder on streamlit and keep it even after closing the app

Hello to the awesome Streamlit Community!

This question is oriented towards getting suggestions for a project that I intend to do.

Original Project Idea

Use Face Recognition to unlock a Folder on the Desktop (on Windows, for starters). However, I am informed that this is a hard task (at an OS-level) and may not be suitable for a beginner.

And so I turned to Streamlit.


I have done face detection and recognition locally using PyCharm.

Modified Idea

So right now, I would like to have a Streamlit application, wherein I can create a folder (on Streamlit, not locally), perhaps add some files into it and then be able to open and lock the folder on the application.
Is this possible? If yes, can you please advise me step-by-step or provide a concrete idea on how I may execute it?

Finally, is it also possible to do this same on Flask, for example?

If the above project is not possible, are there any recommendations from you that involves OpenCV?

Thank you!

Hey @Shenin_Francies,

I would recommend using a database of some type for this – any file that you create in the container in which the Streamlit app is run (on Community Cloud) is not guaranteed to stick around since can be restarted. Check out our docs on connecting to data sources here.