"We will need HTML and Javascript until they put Python in the Browser" on Talk Python to me

Hi All

Was just listening to

where they discuss awesome python applications.

Around 13:20 they are joking about whether you can develop awesome applications in Python.

They state let’s be realistic. You will need html and javascript until they put Python in the browser!

With Streamlit I believe that not to be true any more.

I have created a feature request to add awesome-streamlit.org to the awesome-python-applications list and raised the issue of the above statement to no longer be true.

Feel free to comment on the issue if you feel I’m right, have your own opions (:-)) or would like to support the request for awesome-streamlit.org to get on the list.


Key Words: Talk Python to Me Awesome Python Apps


Just commented. Hopefully it will get in! :crossed_fingers: