🗞️ Weekly Roundup: Streamlit Cloud, Landsat timelapses, triple combo plotters and more!

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup! :wave:

10/25/21 - 10/31/21
Issue - V75
Current Release: 1.1.0

Every week we’ll share community-driven apps and articles that were shared with us during the previous week as well as any major announcements from Streamlit. If there is anything we missed feel free to add it in a comment or @ us on Twitter!

  • :newspaper: = articles
  • :tv: = videos
  • :balloon: = apps

:new: Streamlit Updates

  • :chart_with_downwards_trend: See the new improvements to memory usage with the latest release.
  • :star_struck: Check out how Adobe is using Streamlit in this video from the Adobe MAX conference!
  • :cloud: Streamlit Cloud is now open to everyone! Learn more in our blog post and try it out here. :cloud:

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Thanks for the shoutout for Triple Combo Web Plotter, Jessica!
Honored it makes the list.



It’s a pleasure to have my paper on this list: ‘Como disponibilizar uma interface web para o seu classificador de texto’.


Hi everyone , I am very happy and proud of to see my medium article on this list : " How to deploy your Streamlit App with Heroku ? " Thanks Jessica !
Ugur Selim


I’m very grateful to the streamlit team for putting my project on the list: Previsão do tipo de propriedade e do preço diário de estadia - Airbnb

For those who want to view the complete project, I leave the links below (In PT-BR):

Jupyter Notebook Link: Jupyter Notebook Viewer

Deploy link using streamlit: https://share.streamlit.io/gttz/airbnb-rio/main/apps/main.py

Repository Link on Github: GitHub - Gttz/airbnb-rio: Projeto de Data Science utilizando o conjunto de dados do Airbnb na cidade Rio de Janeiro

Thank you again @Jessica_Smith :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Lucas Araújo

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