What is roadmap for Flask to Streamlit migration?

Streamlit looks fantastic as many of my applications are ML. I am familiar with Flask and have many apps implemented in it. I know the Flask ecosystem but I am a little bit lost as I look at Streamlit – are there tools for things like user management, CSRF protection, etc?


Thanks for the kind words @fredzannarbor! :pray:

Many of the items you mentioned are already in our roadpmap! :balloon:

I’m checking internally to see if I can share something with you! :slight_smile:


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Anything you may have on user management would be helpful. I need to be able to control access to certain pages based on user entitlements that are stored in an existing SQLAlchemy DB.

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I’m sure @Arvindra_Sehmi can point you in the right direction for this :slight_smile:


Feel free to have a look at the secure app example using Hydralit, the example app shows how to use any source of login and security level data you want to control different levels of access to multiple β€œpages” within your application. The example app implements a simple use case that could be expanded easily for more complicated or granular access control. You can even play with the live running demo here.

hydralit looks great!