When is Streamlit going to update on Conda-Forge?

Until now, streamlit updated within hours on Conda-forge. Now, it’s stuck on 1.24.1.


Hey @apassy,

Our team is currently working on this here – thanks for flagging!

This is taking ages and for some reason there’s a pydeck issue related?
There was a newer PR to update the feed stock to 1.25.0 two weeks ago from now that was closed for some reason;

When I enquired they suggested me to either “to file an issue with pydeck or patch the conda build.” as mentioned here following the conversation on pydeck 0.8.0b4:

Now I don’t exactly understand this issue or how it is an actual issue to begin with, even if we were to open an issue on pydeck what would it be for?

This is not a minor issue and is taking way too long… MANY developers use conda, and to drop to pip means we lose the advantages of conda dependency management.

This should now be resolved – the PR has been merged

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