When is the official session state support due for release?


I’ve used these various solutions and locally they run fine, but in a production Heroku deployment I am getting crosstalk :open_mouth: so other users are seeing my credentials because I am already logged in (name and email is printed on screen) and the app thinks they are logged in!

Main discussion
Forked implementation used in my app
Caching state to prevent crosstalk, apparently

This is in relation to my Next.js/Auth0/Streamlit solution.


Just bringing this to an influencer’s attention @randyzwitch @Marisa_Smith :slight_smile: - The problem is one person’s session state is being shown to another’s, albeit briefly. Thanks!

Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact timeline to share. I know its being worked on, but I would expect it’s going to be at least into April before we see anything to demo.

Thanks… would be great to not have this bumped off the backlog. Having session state leak between sessions is really bad! See what happened at GitHub: How we found and fixed a rare race condition in our session handling - The GitHub Blog