While deploying my model on cloud i got error like this

Hello @khyati1203

You would need to have the pickle file present in the working directory - the github repository in this case so that it can be used in the code.

Push the pickle file to your github repository containing the p24.py file and the app should work as expected.

Hope this helps :smiley:

my pkl fire is around 150 MB so not able to push in repository. any solution for this?

i uploaded the same pkl file on github ,but stioo same error

Can you please verify whether the 150 MB file was uploaded as it is?
If not, consider pushing large files via gitlfs https://git-lfs.github.com/

now app is deployed but got this errors

Okay, so the deployment issue seems to have been resolved (Yaayy!)

For the app related issue, could you please clone your github repo, create a virtual environment and confirm if this error persists on the local environment?

If so, maybe there is some issue with the package versions in your requirements.txt file. Corss-checking with your original development environment might help.

hey all errors solved. now successfully predict the output. Thank you for your help!

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