Whole app is being re-run after 25-30 minutes of running in streamlit cloud

I have an chat application that takes more than 30 minutes to run, i.e continuous messages will be sent from backend for more than 30 minutes. At the time period between 26-30 minutes into the running, the app re-runs without any inputs or interruptions, this problem only occurs if the app is deployed in streamlit cloud, the application runs fine in local.

Here is the link to my sample application that emulates what my application does,
once you run it for 30 minutes, it reruns.


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Hi @Jayanth according to my understanding there may be case that if your app exceeds the streamlit cloud free space then it will automatically reruns when it becomes the out of space. Btw your application was not opening!!

Thanks for the replay @Guna_Sekhar_Venkata. Fixed the sample application. I don’t think my sample application consumes any memory, it just sends the same message over and over, at 25-30 min interval, the whole application is being re-run.

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I also have this issue of app reruns every 30 minutes. It has been when someone else was using my streamlit cloud app so I’m not sure exactly how to recreate the behavior but I presume they left the tab open or something like that. I have automated logging of the session state and I sometimes see the unchanged log being repeated at 30 minute intervals.

Hey @rdlph .
I came to the conclusion that Streamlit Cloud doesn’t allow apps to run for more than 30 minutes. If you run it on EC2 or locally, where you have a dedicated instance, the app would work fine.