Why my terminal cant run

streamlit run first_app.py
Usage: streamlit run [OPTIONS] TARGET [ARGS]…

There are various possible reasons for this error, but first things first:
Are you running the command on the correct folder with the first_app.py file?

Also, can you try and run

streamlit hello

And tells us what happens, please?

thanks for ur answer.

first thing i followed this one.

and it cant run.

Pay attention to the place where your first_app.py is:


while your command line is running on:


And so, you need to run the command line in the same folder as the app’s location.
First, type

which changes the drive you’re running your command line. And then:

cd py
To acces the folder py which contains the app you want to run. And then type:

streamlit run first_app.py

And it should work.

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THANKYOU SO MUCH, i’ve been wasting for a couple hours to solve it, thanks mate

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No problem, just glad I could help :slight_smile:

hey marcio, may i know ur phone number or socmed? i want to ask everything on streamlit, if u want to. thanks marcio :wink:

If you have any more doubts you can always ask here in the forum, as I’m also still learning how to use streamlit. But we can also use private messages if you want to ask me directly :slight_smile:

oke marcio, thank u so much…