Will Streamlit layout and UI become more customizable?

I am building a platform for sample analysis - lots of line graphs and curve-fitting models. I am enjoying using Streamlit, especially seeing it develop week by week. But currently I feel constrained by lack of options for page layout, visuals, colours, tabs etc. But maybe I am using Streamlit wrong?

Previously we were using R-shiny, which has its own issues, but can render things like tabbed areas, sidebars on both sides, custom-sized panels. I influenced my team to move to using Streamlit as it requires less technical overhead than R-shiny.

However I now worry that we don’t have much UI control in Streamlit, and we may have to go back to R-shiny. In particular, I feel a limitation with Streamlit is that if, say, you need lots of sliders or number inputs, there is no visual control, they tend to take up too much space, when I want them all grouped in the corner, or in a grid. I’d like smaller/customisable buttons which aren’t quite so basic. I’d like page layout beyond st.columns, which right now feels limited.

Does anyone have advice on this? I guess these things might appear down the road, but if there are any tips right now to customise and specify layout - beyond the Streamlit vanilla buttons and expanders - I would be very grateful! Are there any example out there of a sleek Streamlit app? All the ones I can find look a lot like mine - a bit uninspiring and rigid.

Thanks for your thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @altanner,

Thanks so much for posting! We definitely appreciate the need for more advanced UI customization – it’s something we hear a lot. While Streamlit might not be the right solution if need super granular UI customizability, we are hoping to make it easier for folks to tweak the UI to their liking, whether that’s via easier CSS styling or additional widgets and page layouts. Unfortunately, I don’t have exact dates to share for improvements of this nature, but stay tuned!

Thanks again.


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