Windows CMD Quick Edit Mode

Hey is there a way to automatically start streamlit in non-quick edit mode in CMD on streamlit run?

The issue is that if the window is started in quick edit mode we run into a problem where the window randomly goes into a pause mode.

Here is a discussion:

One file seemed to be taking ages. I checked the folder and it was complete, hit enter and suddenly it burst back into life to get the rest.

Second is a java program (an ETL job) in powershell which paused as it was about to output SQL duplicate key warnings. I cannot confirm if actual execution stalled but I suspect not. I have just repeated this one as I type.

Also my more experienced colleague has seen the same thing with .net programs he has written.

How can I avoid this? What am I missing? Does Windows get lonely and need a gentle push?

I figured out that if you right click the top of the CMD window and select defaults you can default the properties “quick edit” option to FALSE. This seems to be a good workaround, but it would be nice to also have a option in the streamlit configs.

Hello @kurt-rhee,

I might be wrong, but this issue is so specific to windows’s way of handling command prompts that I don’t see streamlit, as a python framework, handle this kind of issue. Streamlit shouldn’t bother about the configuration of the console it is ran into, let alone add a config option to handle that corner case.

The consequence would be to bloat streamlit with checks and conditions to ensure that it can run in any possible configuration, which is impossible to do.

But again, I might be wrong.


Glad you figured it out @kurt-rhee…not sure this is something we can influence as a Streamlit setting, as the terminal needs to start before Streamlit can impact anything. I might be misunderstanding the Serverfault link though, I’m not a frequent Windows user.

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@Synode beat me to it :laughing:


Hey @Synode and @randyzwitch understood and that all makes sense.

Thank you for your quick responses.



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