Windows2012无法启动streamlit hello

on windows2012 enterprise .
i only install anaconda3 .then i exec :pip install streamlit, and i exec: streamlit hello
the null web is opend,nothing is can see.
why? and how ?

Hi @hillstone,

I’m only guessing based on the limited information you’ve provided so far, but it sounds as if your windows firewall settings are blocking Streamlit from working correctly.

I found a page about Windows 2012 Enterprise firewall settings. See if you can explicitly OPEN the streamlit port you’re running on (probably 8501) and then try it again.

If that doesn’t work, let me know here and we’ll keep working on it. Good luck…!

Btw, I just answered another of your questions – should I assume you got streamlit working on Windows 2012? If so, could you write here how you solved the problem so it will help other people out?

first .i open 8501 port in windows fire setting

sectond.i close windows fire

but the error is showing

What browser are you using, and what version? If you have another browser installed, can you try that and type the URL http://localhost:8501 on that browser