Woodcock-Johnson IV Report Automator

Hello !

I created this app that can be used by Educators, Education Specialist, and Resource Specialists to automatically generate a .docx report about a student in Special Education.
The report is based on the Woodcock–Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities (WJ IV).

These reports are required to supplement a student’s IEP.

Sadly this app is very specific to educators who use Riverside Score software to track and analyze data on their students.

For educators who use Riverside Score, this app reduces the amount of time is takes to fill out an IEP template with data from Riverside Score from ~30 minutes for a single student to 20 seconds.

The app does the following:

  1. Uses a report template included in the repository
  2. Scrapes data from Riverside Score
  3. Replaces the variables from the report template with the correct values from Riverside Score
  4. Downloads the reports on each student to a folder called woodcock-johnson-reports with the following naming convention
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