Working with Uploaded files in TempDir and st.cache

Hello everyone,


I have this app where I upload several files, save them to a temporary directory to work on them, then analyze them, and return a few pictures.

I would like to find a way to cache the analysis function given it takes too long.

However, the problem is that since I save the files to a temporary directory, whenever I make a change in pictures parameters, the scripts runs again, and since the files are in a temporary directory, the actual files change thus the long analysis function runs once more.

Steps to reproduce

The code is something like this
Code snippet:

with TemporaryDirectory() as tempDir:
   variable = st.checkbox("Do something with the picture")

So when I check the checkbox, even if I cache the longAnalysisFunction(), given that the script runs again, tempDir changes, thus files_in_tempDir changes and the function is not cached.

Is there a way I can go around this?

The reason behind saving the files to a tempDir is that I run a few programs installed on the server on those files.

Any help is greatly appreciated!