World Marathons map and training planner πŸš€

Hi community !! Hesitant about which Marathon to complete in 2024 and how to train to reach your time goal? Then check Glad to provide any details that might be needed :slight_smile:

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This is amazing, thanks for creating this marathon app!

Just curious, are the data being updated programmatically or on an ad-hoc basis.

Thanks for your comment professor, extremely appreciate it :slight_smile:.

Regarding your question, first iteration of the database was created manually (took quite some time :sweat_smile:). Now I’m exploring ways to update it programatically. Good thing is that major marathons keep using the same website, so there is room for some scraping or similar. For the second tier it might be a big more tricky.

Once I found the solution to address the problem I will share it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing the details, that’s a lot of hard work but definitely a first of its kind data, kudos for the massive effort!