Www.streamlit.io homepage can not opened as fast as discuss and docs page

Can we run the www.streamlit.io homepage on a better server machine to make the homepage can be opened as docs and discuss page?
Better server machine means larger memory, SSD storage,more CDN acceleration nodes to let homepage leave a good impression on vistors.

Hello @BeyondMyself,

Hmmm the timeouts are unfortunate. Is it an issue that happens frequently on your side?
I think the Streamlit website is almost all static assets, so RAM/Storage would probably not help much, maybe CDN nodes closer to your country…I’ll raise this to the team and see if we have some analytics on our side.


I am in China.
Maybe we need CDN nodes put here or close to China.
In that way, we can visit streamlit hompage smoothly.

This is very strange. We’re on Netlify, which does have pretty large CDN. The closest CDN node to you is in Singapore, which should be fine…

If it’s not too much trouble, could you run a traceroute and email it to me at thiago@streamlit.io (so you don’t post your IP addresses here :wink:)

traceroute streamlit.io

I have sent it to you, I used the tracert instead of traceroute, because my stystem is windows.
please to make an analysis, thank you.

Thanks @BeyondMyself! I reached out the Netlify support. Let’s see what they can do from their end.

In the meantime, I have a couple of questions:

  1. How often do you encounter this timeout issue? Every time you visit streamlit.io ? Or only every now and then?
  2. At the moment when you did the traceroute, was streamlit.io working for you?


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time out will occur when I viste the www.streamlit.io, frequency is 100%
when I sent you the tracert record to you, I can’t open our www.streamlit.io homepage

to solve this problem, do we have a plan to set some CDN nodes in Chinese continent, such as ShangHai or Beijing.

In that way, more and more streamlit fans can open our streamlit homepage and have a better start in process of learning streamlit.

The Netlify folks think this could be due to China blocking Netlify’s IP addresses:

Can you try nslookup streamlit.io ?

Here’s what I get when I do that:

Server:         XXX (removed when pasting here) 
Address:        XXX (removed when pasting here)

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   streamlit.io
Address:  👈 This is the important part

Then I paste that IP address at ipinfo.net and see that it’s an AWS IP address:

When you do this, which IP address do you get?

nslookup result