Yet Another Stock Data Analysis

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During the weekend, I looked at the last 14 days of Goldman Sachs stock quotes and searched for the most similar periods in the past. The results are quite interesting!

Source: (please use example file)


According to the similarity scores, the current performance of Goldman Sachs is similar to several periods in the past, including July 1999, September 2000, February 2007, July 2007, July 2008, December 2015, October 2018, and January 2022. One common feature of these months is sharp declines on the stock markets.

September 2000 marked the peak of the dot-com bubble, On February 27, 2007 Shanghai Stock Exchange tumbled 9% from unexpected selloffs, triggering major drops in worldwide stock markets, July 2007 and July 2008 were both before the onset of the global financial crisis, December 2015 was the start of a volatile year for stocks, October 2018 saw a steep drop in stock prices amid trade tensions and geopolitical uncertainties, and January 2022 was a mix of Omicron and Russia’s military presence near Ukraine’s border.


While the past is not an indication of future results, it is interesting to see how the market is reacting to the current situation, look at the similarities with the past, and observe how things will unfold. If you want to experiment with the analysis or perform similar one on your favorite stock, you can do it here:

PS. Kindly remember that this is just a hobbyist analysis. Please do not use it to make any investing decisions :wink:


That’s nice @TomJohn - Can you tell us a little about how you built it?

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Thank you! As usual - repository is open. You can check it here: GitHub - TomJohnH/streamlit-stock

The code is not particularly complex :slight_smile: (could use some refactoring though)


Thanks for sharing!