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TSV Global Yield Calculator


The app is a financial tool designed to assist in the analysis of investment or business transactions, specifically in the context of yield calculation and break-even analysis. It’s built using Streamlit, a Python framework that enables the creation of interactive and user-friendly web apps for data science and machine learning projects.


  1. Yield Calculation:
  • The app calculates the yield on a transaction based on input parameters such as buy amount, sell amount, credit details, and bank interest rates.
  • Users can input the buy and sell amounts to determine the profit before and after interest.
  • The app includes functionality to input credit amount to customers, number of days credit is given, credit availed from vendors, and number of days availed, which are used in interest calculations.
  • The yield is presented both before and after interest, providing a comprehensive view of the financial return.
  1. Break-even Analysis:
  • The app calculates the break-even sell price based on various costs (buy amount and additional costs) and a desired profit margin.
  • This feature is particularly useful for businesses to understand at what sell price they will start making a profit, considering their costs and desired profit margins.
  1. Interest and Tax Calculations:
  • It factors in bank overdraft (OD) interest percentages and tax rates to provide a more realistic financial picture.
  • These calculations help in understanding the net interest amount and the profit after tax.
  1. Data Visualization:
  • The app includes a bar chart visualization (using matplotlib) for a graphical representation of the calculated financial metrics.
  • This visual aid enhances the user’s understanding of the data.
  1. Exporting Results:
  • Users can export the calculated results to CSV and PDF formats.
  • This feature adds convenience for record-keeping and further analysis.


  1. Input Financial Data:
  • Users input financial data like buy amount, sell amount, credit details, bank interest rate, additional costs, tax rate, and desired profit margin.
  1. Calculate and Analyze:
  • By clicking the ‘Calculate’ button, the app performs the yield and break-even calculations based on the provided data.
  1. View Results and Graphs:
  • The results are displayed in a tabular format and through a bar chart for easier interpretation.
  1. Export Data:
  • Users have the option to download the results in CSV or PDF formats for offline analysis or reporting.

Notes for Users

  • Ensure to input valid and realistic data for accurate calculations.
  • The app is best suited for financial analysts, business owners, and investors looking to understand the financial implications of their transactions.
  • The user interface is designed to be intuitive, but basic knowledge of financial terms and calculations is beneficial.
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