Your app is in the over for hours

I was trying to deploy an app wasn’t successful. I tried my own app and then I tried to deploy the app from your gallery (without making any changes), but it takes over an hour and still not deployed. Just to compare - a few days ago deploying an app from the gallery would take a few minutes. Can you advise if there are any bugs/issues with the technology?

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Hello @Paulina_Figol, welcome to the community

Sorry you had to experience that. I got the same issue as you and it resolved 3 hours later, so I suppose it was a small service disruption. Is it solved for you too?

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Hi Fanilo,

Thanks for replying! Yes, it worked eventually for one of the tries, but still not sure where the problem came from. I ended up deploying one of the apps from Streamlit gallery and just replaced the main body with my code. Not ideal. I’ll try again today with my original app given what you said.

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