2nd sidebar on right side?

Dear Streamlit People.
I am currently developing a data app for climate change data and uncertainty visualization. Obviously the topics require quite a bit of explanation - especially when used simultaneously. I would love to place most of such text and figures in a second sidebar to avoid cluttering in the app. I know that a checkbox is one option to show/hide additional text, but a “simple” copy of the sidebar class would be far more elegant. In the end, an app is certainly more attractive when you do not need to scroll too much.
Does anybody see a way how to do something like this?
Thanks and cheers. Conrad

Hey @conrad welcome back!

I don’t think this is possible without implementing it in the source code. Now’s the moment to bring it in the GH issues as the team is currently redesigning the layout of Streamlit elements to enable horizontal layout, and the right sidebar could be squeezed in this process!
Do you mind writing an issue for this ? I’ll push it to the Streamlit devs then :wink:

(similar to Streamlit Sidebar Questions)


Hi @andfanilo.
Thanks for your suggestion.
I have proposed this as an issue: https://github.com/streamlit/streamlit/issues/1980
Cheers and many thanks.

Hi @conradresponded in GitHub. Thanks again for the suggestion!