A nonML implementation of streamlit: the Venmo autoCalculator

Hi everyone!

This was my first “real” project with streamlit. It takes DoorDash/UberEats receipts (or manual) as input, and spits out a little table that has prefilled venmo links for each name. Venmo Calculator


  • Manually put in the name, itemized prices, taxes, tips, promotions/discounts, etc
  • Autodetect the above from a copy-paste of delivery app receipts
  • Output a venmo request link

Went ahead and cleaned up the code today, specifically so it can be shared. Here it is on GitHub. You may notice one of the branches is the “alpha” branch, where I fooled around with OCR (before realizing copy-pasting is a better UX) and user login (to auto-request on behalf of user, before realizing the venmo API is deprecated).

It doesn’t store any information, the sqlite database is only used to store currency info (and the names database to store my friends’ names for auto-detection.

Let me know your thoughts!

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