Streamlit, I and Car Price Prediction

Hi Streamlit’ians,

Few days ago, I was totally new in streamlit’s world and was checking out the features and capabilities of it, I am glad I did check this out, Streamlit really has great capabilities and wonderful full features to offer.

I created this simple #CarPricePrediction ML web app and to get started with Streamlit, it really was fun and easy and yet so powerful, just can’t wait to explore Streamlit’s true capabilities and make beautiful and powerful apps.

Check out the app:-


Hi, @std_usr that error occurs when user input is not provided. Try again with inputs.

Thanks @sree369nidhi for replying.
@std_usr, I still need to do many refinements to the app, it doesn’t Handle many odd cases yet.

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Hey @deenukhan, just try adding if any of the values are None, show a warning using st.warning() saying please enter all the values.

Thanks @sree369nidhi, will keep in mind and try to update the same.

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