After deployment: How can I access alternate .py page on root folder (the page can be accessed)

I have 2 pages in the root folder

  1. - which I can access after deployment
  2. - the link that I dont want to share - keep it to myself for admin activites. This page is not showed in menu page.

Now that i deployed the code - I can only access say - ( - is there a way to access which is at the same root level - how will the url change?


Hi @Ninad_Jagtap

I think there are 2 possible approaches to access the file.

The first is to move to a sub-folder called pages so that its path becomes pages/ You’ll also have to make sure that the admin page is password protected. (More info on creating a multipage app here: Create a multipage app<!-- --> - Streamlit Docs)

The second approach is to do a second deployment and instead of using, you’ll use This would create a second separate app that may use the shared contents of the repo.

Thanks - yes, I opted for first option and deployed the under pages with password protection.

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