Deployment multipages on streamlit cloud


I created an multipages app. I try to deploy it on streamlit cloud. I follow the tutorial and i have name my main file ‘’ (i tried also with ‘’). I created a subfolder named ‘pages’ and each page of my app start the name with a number and underscore ( , BUT…
When i deploy, i can see just the main page ‘’ ! Why and how correct it please ?

in pj, a picture of my folder and files organisation on Vs Code.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

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Hey @DalilaDerdar,

Thanks for sharing this question! Can you also share a link to your deployed app and the app’s GitHub repo?

Yes of cours. This, my repo in github GitHub - DalilaDerdar/Scoring_Model: Outil de scoring bancaire

Anybody to help me ? :slight_smile:

I can confirm the issue.

I took a look at the documentation and I noticed that to run multipage apps you should run:

streamlit run [entrypoint file]

I think it wasn’t that way last time I looked at it so maybe it is new? In any case, there is no way to specify an entrypoint in streamlit cloud. So how is it supposed to know what the entrypoint is?

Hi Goyo,
Thank you for your answer. I already test with this command line ‘streamlit run’ name of my main file, the entrypoint file. I read in documentation that we can write Hello or and after create a file ‘pages’. And then, Streamlit understand that ‘Hello’ or ‘’ file is the entrypoint file.

Indeed, I think I was misreading the documentation.

You mentioned that it shows “Home” in the deployed app, but it should show “Hello” instead, since that’s the name of the python file. Are you sure you’re deploying from the right repo?

Could you share a link to the deployed app?

See my fork and deployment. Note that there is a pages directory at the same level than the entry point, but they are not in the root of the repository.

Ok, multipage apps were introduced in streamlit 1.10.0.

Hi Goyo and thank for your feedback. I try to change my version of streamlit on my requirements ! I hope it’s the good way !!

Thank you for your answer blackary. I checked my repo, i deploy the good main branch and the good main file.

Thank you a lot @Goyo ! The problem was the version of streamlit !!!


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