Unable to deploy multipage app

EDIT: Streamlit cloud is still refreshing and not deploying despite having selected the correct file.

Hi everyone! I’m having an issue deploying my multipage app on the streamlit cloud.

I have the main page (Welcome.py) in my root folder and the other pages in the pages folder.
When prompted to select the main file path, I am unable to select Welcome.py.

I tried selecting one of the option but the page just kept refreshing.

Hi @joannakhek, welcome to the community! :partying_face:

You should see Welcome.py if you scroll to the bottom of the “Main file path” dropdown menu:


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Hi @snehankekre,

Thank you for the quick reply!

I have tried selecting Welcome.py but the page is still refreshing like the gif above.
Any idea why?

Could you try deleting the app on Cloud and re-deploying Welcome.py? Let us know if that helps.

Unfortunately, deleting the app and re-deploying it doesn’t seem to help as I’m still having the same issue.

From the gif you’ve shared, and the URL in it, it looks like you’ve deployed the pages/2_Overview.py file instead of Welcome.py :thinking: Regardless, the page refreshes shouldn’t be happening. I’ll relay this issue to the team.

In the interim, I would suggest creating another repo with the same content and deploying from the new repo. I was able to deploy Welcome.py from a fork of yours.

The refreshing issue was exactly the same so I did not update the gif.
This is the updated gif using Welcome.py


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I tried creating another repo with just the Welcome.py script but ran into the same issue. Not sure why this happening :cold_sweat:

Hi @joannakhek :wave:

Thanks for your patience. The redirect loop can happen due to mismatched sessions / cookies. Could you try signing out from share.streamlit.io and sign in again and see if that helps?

Hi @snehankekre! After signing out, it worked!!!
Thank you so much for your help!

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