AI business toolkit using langchain and openai

Hello, the community!
I would like to share with you a generative AI application based on langchain and openai:

It provides 4 services:

  • Mail Generator: helps to generate sales newsletters mail

  • Social Media Content Generator: Create content for social media

  • Business Advisory: helps to perform SWOT audit, business advisory and generate new business ideas

  • and Ask your data: Q/A chatbot based on CSV file

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Hi @OumYacout

Thanks for creating the app and sharing with the community.

It may be helpful to also share the default GitHub repo of the app (typically found in the hamburger menu) as this would full transparency of the app (as recommended in our recent blog: 8 tips for securely using API keys), considering that the app has an API key accepting widget.

Best regards,

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H+ere is the link of the GitHub repo : GitHub - OumYacout/AI-Business: Ai Business toolkit powered by langchain and openai

Thanks for feedback.


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