AI Copilot for Devs, Read, explore, QUERY, large Codebase and build new function, test unit, and more


@rhy-collab check it

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Need further details ?

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Amazing! @Chris_Ngandimoun


Not sure but i’ve run into a bug I think?

Ok @Amarsda let me check it

@Amarsda we don’t have access of your repos, try to reload the page and try again please

Ran into the same issue

@useminatoai I’ve made the repo public GitHub - nichtdax/awesome-totally-open-chatgpt: A list of totally open alternatives to ChatGPT

@Amarsda I think I’ve solved the bug, can you try again?

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:brain: Empowering Coders, One Line at a Time!

At Minato, we believe in transforming the way you interact with the world of coding. Whether you’re battling through tricky coding questions, delving into complex computer science concepts, or prepping for that all-important technical interview, Minato’s got your back. With our revolutionary AI-driven approach, we turn every coding challenge into a learning opportunity and every technical interview into a walk in the park.

:bulb: A Personal Mentor in Your Pocket

Minato isn’t just another software tool - it’s your personal mentor. We’re here to guide you through the labyrinth of computer science intricacies, offering accurate solutions and easy-to-understand explanations. Turning technical interviews into a breeze, Minato is your secret weapon to becoming a coding maestro.

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Dive into a world of diverse software challenges with Minato. Our platform is designed to sharpen your skills across various topics and programming languages. :snake: Python problems? No worries! We’ve got the perfect drills to boost your skills and prepare you for those intense technical interviews. With Minato, every coding session is a step towards interview success.

:earth_africa: Real-World Cases for Real-World Experience

Get ready to immerse yourself in existing codebases and open-source projects, simulating the challenges faced by major tech giants like Google and Facebook. Minato ensures you’re not just coding; you’re evolving into a tech ninja, adept at querying, modifying, and enhancing functionalities with finesse.

:dart: What Sets Minato Apart?

Minato is not just a tool; it’s a companion. Designed by developers for developers, and future coding rockstars, Minato is here to make your coding journey not just informative but thrilling, engaging, and downright awesome.

:fire: Minato Boasts Four Key Features:

  1. :mag: Software Assistant: Providing answers to a wide array of computer science questions.
  2. :jigsaw: Problem Sections: Delve into various computer software challenges, honing your skills across different topics and programming languages.
  3. :snake: Python Problems: Focused on pivotal Python problems, crucial for acing technical interviews and skill enhancement.
  4. :computer: Real-world Cases: Immerse in real codebases and open-source projects for an authentic experience, priming you for the tech world.

Ready to level up your coding game with Minato? Let’s embark on this exciting coding adventuretogether!

Solved thanks!