AI DocPro - AI document assistant to allow users to interact with multiple files seamlessly

After spending a few nights and my Easter holiday immersed in coding, I’m thrilled to unveil my latest AI creation - AI DocPro: The Ultimate Document Assistant.
Key Differentiators:
:one: Scalability - AI DocPro is the only solution on the market that allows users to interact intelligently with SEVERAL documents at the same time.
:two: Flexibility - AI DocPro is designed to support various file formats, including CSV, PDF, and PPT. No need to convert files or use multiple tools.

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This looks super cool and exciting! Thanks for sharing, @xuxuwangXW! :raised_hands:

I’m eager to give it a spin and show it off to the team. I did try to get access, but no luck with responses or notifications yet.

Feel free to DM to discuss further. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Charly,

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve checked the access requests and didn’t find your request. Please make sure you input your email address and preferred password when you click the “Request Access” button.


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