Algining columns to have similar height

Is there a way to align the height of different column components at the same height?
In the example of Uber pickups, I was playing around with Layouts, but saw the layout doesnt seem good.

with c1:
    st.subheader('Raw data')
with c2:
    st.subheader('Number of pickups by hour')
    hist_values = np.histogram(data[DATE_COLUMN].dt.hour, bins=24, range=(0,24))[0]

# Some number in the range 0-23

with c3:
    hour_to_filter = st.slider('hour', 0, 23, 17)
    filtered_data = data[data[DATE_COLUMN].dt.hour == hour_to_filter]
    st.subheader('Map of all pickups at %s:00' % hour_to_filter),use_container_width=True)

Is there any trick where I can either increase the height of C1,C2 to match that of C3 OR either decreas C3 height to match that of C2, C1

Also, can we outline each C1, C2 and C3 with some color as we do in powerpoint?

Bascially, I am looking something similar to the below diagram, which is more elegant when compared to previous one


Looking for the same functionality