All schools of France!

Hi all !

A tiny app using streamlit-pydeck,
you can see here, all the schools of France, from primary to high school !

If you wan to see the code it is here.


Hello @Dorian_Massoulier! Nice app, dang I really want to check pydeck now :slight_smile:

I’m very bad at French geography, I wonder if you could put the city in the tooltip when hovering over a hexagon for example ahah.


Hi Dorian, Great app!!
Is it ok if I borrow your code for a tutorial I’m working on??

Hi @andfanilo, thank you !
I don’t know how to do it ahah !
But you can use the “opacity” parameter set to minimum to see the name behind the layer.
Thk @napoles3d no problem do what you want, but i’m not sure if i follow good practice!

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Thanks @Dorian_Massoulier, and don’t worry. I’ll refer this post!!