Altair: add text when download is triggered


I developed a Streamlit app and perform my plots with Altair which receives new data every day.

Is it possible to add the download date as footnote to the plots but only show them on the downloaded files, not within the app?

I would not like to add this in the app (so that not every plot has the date on it), however it would be good if a user would know on which date the plot was downloaded.

Thank you very much!

Hey, @johanneswerner :wave:

  • AFAIK, There is no explicit footnote feature available. But you definitely could use the st.caption feature to show the last downloaded timestamp that might come to the rescue.
  • To show it on the downloaded file you can add the timestamp to the filename. Say for example App data - [Timestamp].csv then it might come to the rescue.

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