An HTML presentation builder/playground app to show off two new components

Hello everyone,

A couple weeks ago, I shared a new component called streamlit-code-editor which is a code editor (based on Ace Editor) that is customized to fit with Streamlit’s aesthetic. It also has additional features like the ability to add buttons (that can contain feather icons!), a customizable info bar, and more. This editor component also allows you to add css targeting specific subcomponents of a specific editor instance.

Today, I have shared another new component called streamlit-reveal-slides which allows you to use markdown or markup to create HTML presentations (with reveal.js) which are then embedded in your app. These presentations have all the features provided by reveal.js like a Fullscreen presentation mode, keyboard/mouse/touch control, speaker notes and an overview mode, as well as multiple automation features. Not to mention, you get many of the benefits of the presentations being HTML such as interactivity and displaying web content.

I had the idea to incorporate these two components into a sort of playground app were you can edit markdown to create these presentations. Its nothing too fancy at the moment - its setup more like a demo than say a presentation design utility. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions!

Playground app:

Component Demo


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