App Auto Refreshes every 30 seconds Streamlit on GCP + Kubernetes + NGNIX

Hello beautiful streamlit community :rocket:
First of all kudos to all of you who make this framework amazing!

My Problem:

The App refreshes itself every 30 seconds. I have used many approaches from this topics:

And I tried to change the server.TORNADO_SETTINGS[‘websocket_ping_timeout’] = 600 but inside the (not sure if the problem is that when already deployed this configuration can be immutable)

But so far there is no luck

The stack: that I am using currently is (GCP+Kubernetes)+NGNIX

Hey @ikarimov,

Based on the first thread you linked, it sounds like the GCP load balancer has a default timeout – have you tried adjusting that?

Hi we have tried to increase both the timeout of GCP load balancer and Ngnix but it does not help.