Error: App is getting auto refreshed every 2 mins after deployment

Hi community!

I have built an app on Streamlit. The app works fine on my local, but after i deployed it on Azure, the app gets auto refreshed after every 2 mins. I have 2 filters in my dashboard and the filters do not get updated in the refresh process.

I deleted every connection from my script and just kept some markdown text, deployed it again. It still is auto refreshing.

I saw other posts similar to my issue but those apps are facing the auto refresh issue on their local also

Streamlit version: 1.28.0
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Hello Disha,
I had similar issue while deploying on GCP. Since we didn’t use gke for deploying it made it even complex. This refresh may be caused by the backend service on which you are hosting, its good to check you load balancer’s backend service time out.

Thanks @Vivek. My engineering team managed to solve the issue. It was caused by Cloudflare proxy. By disabling that, the issue got solved.

Does anyone know how the auto refresh issue can be resolved without having to disable the proxy?

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