App crashes after uploading image files on/from mobile - but works fine on laptop

I recently deployed an App:
Link :
Github Repo: GitHub - Juan-Moctezuma/Ai_OCR_and_Image_Processing_Render_App at master
file for source code on Github:

The App crashes AFTER loading a picture from mobile device, however
the app never crashes if it’s used on a laptop. In addition , once it crashes I have to reboot my app (Which is my ‘quick fix’ for this issue). Unsure if this is a memory issue or glitch that doesn’t allow streamlit apps to run on mobiles or if something is wrong (or missing) with my code - thank you!

Hey @Juan_M,

I looked into your app’s memory usage, and it appears that the memory usage is most likely causing the crashes. Here’s a graph of your app’s memory usage over the past 14 days:

As you can see, there are a few points where the memory usage spiked sharply (likely causing the app to crash).

Hi @Caroline ! gotcha - makes sense that this is a memory issue - thank you for replying!

Although is there a long-term solution (or short-term :thinking: ) for this issue ?

Streamlit Cloud is a free service with a 1GB resource limit. Sometimes it lets you go over per availability, but that is never a guarantee. It’s intended for educational purposes and to help people get started easily.

If your current app is using more resources than that, you’ll either have to figure out a way to make it more efficient or deploy it on another system if you want to avoid hitting the limit.

Looking at the sizes of the jumps shown in @Caroline’s response, I’d be curious if the mobile vs laptop issue is more of a coincidence or red herring. You could certainly try to profile your app’s memory usage yourself to investigate your code. (Note that caching is going to contribute to consumption as well.)


Hi @mathcatsand - once again - thank you for the detailed explanation :+1:

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