Error Running App. My application always crashes after uploading some images

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to deploy my computer vision web service using streamlit as the platform for my undergraduate Computer Science thesis. However, upon interacting with the application, it always crashes after a certain amount of uploaded of images. My initial hunch is that it might be am memory problem as discussed in other topics within this community. No error is also displayed on the logs which could help me pinpoint the problem. See the images below:

My question is, is there a way for me to request more memory or maybe pay for extra storage space? Part of the script within my application involves retrieving almost 800MB of model weights from an AWS S3 which might be the reason for the spike. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey @vince_vence,

It’s likely that this issue is a result of your app exceeding the memory limit (if you can share the link to the app I can confirm this for you).

If this app is for an educational or nonprofit use case, shoot me a DM and we can increase your resources. Otherwise, I’d recommend checking out our deployment wiki where community members have shared how they’ve deployed Streamlit apps on other platforms.

Thank for reaching out! You could access the website in the following link:

The password is just “admin”. I added it for formality purposes. The GitHub repository for this application is currently private as advised by my research adviser to avoid unwanted cloning. Should you need the repository access, I could share it to you. Thanks, once again.

Hey @vince_vence,

I’ve made a change on our end to the resources – let me know if you’re still seeing issues and I can adjust it further. Thanks!

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Thank you very much! Will let you know if I encounter some issues later on. Best regards.

Hello Ma’am. For some reason if I access the website link: Streamlit ( It’s not loading the landing page and is stuck in the “Your app is in the oven”. I’m not sure if this is local, but I’ve tried it in different browsers. Doesn’t seem to be accessible

Nevermind, it’s fine now. Thank again for you help. Highly appreciated!

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Good Day Ma’am, for some reason, today I got the errors without the messages in the console. I guess this is the same memory leak issue as before. I was planning to deploy the app to some users for evaluation, is there a way for me to prevent the errors? Thanks! Would really appreciate the help since this is for my final thesis.

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