App does not update after new GitHub push

My app is connected to my GitHub repository and I made a new push to the repo, but it is not reflected in the app.

Even a reboot of the app didn’t fix it.

I read some Threads of people who faced the same issue in the past, but the answers didn’t help me.

Do I need to delete and redeploy the app? That would be very bad for potential production setups in the future.

I will encourage with redeploy

That is quite unfortunate, if necessary. Is this issue a common problem without solution yet? Also is there a fast way to redeploy the same app with the same repo or do I need to create a new app and delete the old?

Can you do another push and check the app logs to see if there are any error messages, or if it at least notes the new code being pushed?

How can I see the app logs?

hi! i am working on one of my apps, before I belive 30 minutes everything was fine - i was pushing to github and my streamlit app automatically updated itself by refreshing. now i need to reboot each time i do a push - which takes a lot of time. Streamlit Cloud Status looks fine. what might be the issue?

I am facing similar problem.

@Achim_Struve You can see that ^ for directions on seeing your logs

There might be an issue here – we’re investigating.

@Achim_Struve @omoyanre @itryhard This issue has been resolved

thank you! amazing

Not for me. The current repo changes are still not reflected in the deployed app. I also rebooted the app.