App Error

Hi everyone,

is there any way that i can auto reboot app after ‘Oh No Error running app’ in because i have build a data analytics app so back and forth need to choose columns/variables. Thus transforming wrongs columns like ID to dummy variables will take time else throws error… and for sure once a while users will do that, so there anyway to restart the app automatically.

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Hi @rupak-roy, welcome to the Streamlit community!

As a general concept for application development, once your app is in “production”, you should be trying to trap these errors. So if you know that trying to generate dummy variables from an ID is possible (and thus, generating a massive dense matrix of values), you should write logic that checks for this condition before trying to run the code.

As far as your actual question goes about auto-rebooting the app, for the most part that should happen unless your app gets into a rebooting spiral. Can you provide the link to the app in question, so that we can see what the issue might be?


yes, true due to huge matrix of dummy variables the app crashes due to lack of hardware resources. …

as far with my actual question. i m pretty sure i dont know how the app gets auto rebooted inside ur internal organizational systems. However will be very very very very helpful with a line of code or settings to ‘auto-reboot app if crashes’///////// here is it the app

It happens when you exceed the resources. There’s no warning, if your app exceeds the container’s allotment, it will restart. If you are doing something like trying to download a huge amount of data, then you can get into a reboot cycle.