App crashes after some time without error

After some hours or days, one of my streamlit apps on crashes without any error message in the logs. I wonder why this might be happening and how to troubleshoot the issue.

What happens if the cache of an app gets so full that the resource constraints are exceeded? Would this trigger and error in the log or fail silently?

Thank you for your help

Log from last crash: · GitHub
Repo of app: GitHub - sbi-benchmark/streamlit: Streamlit app for interactive results
App on streamlit (might be offline again):

Hey @jml,

I do expect the Streamlit app to crash and silently restart if your cache gets too big and you hit resource limits. Here are some tips to limit the size of your cache from another forum topic.

Happy Streamlitin’ :balloon:

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Hi @andfanilo,

thanks for the reply and tips. I limited caching in order to narrow down whether this indeed is the problem.

When crashed, however, the app did not automatically restart. Should automatic restarting be default behavior?

Hey @jml, I actually am not sure about fault-tolerance behavior :confused: let’s wait for an answer from the Streamlit team :balloon: @randyzwitch @Marisa_Smith

Hey @jml (and @andfanilo!)

I believe we used to automatically restart apps but they were then getting into crash loops as they reached the resource limits over and over.

So currently, if an app crashed due to hitting resource limits it won’t automatically restart.

We do have plans in our roadmap to notify the developer if an app that they successfully deployed goes down at some later time due to reaching resource limits, but at the moment I can’t give you a time estimate on that (we are still in the midst of planning 2021!)