How can I reboot My APP automatically with code once i got an error please provide the solution

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This is my app:

after your code changed, streamlit app will remind you to restart it by your mouse or let it restart automatically.

the text notice will appear on the upper right corner inside your explorer.

these are two options, you can decide to choose one way to use.

I have deployed my app already So, what am I asking is sometimes my app gives error like ‘Oh no’ then i need to check the logs and reboot it again

Instead of rebooting manually can we reboot streamlit app automatically?

this way makes no sense, after error occur, if error is still exist, no matter how many times your app restart, the result is same, you will see the same result inside your explorer.
if you want to deal with some error you did not find, you can add try this

    your app code put here
   what you want to do when an error occur

can you please specify the code we write for automatic booting of deployed app. I’m new to the Streamlit

this example will refresh your app automatically when the error occur.

import streamlit as st
import pyautogui
    st.success("welcome to streamlit community!")

Thank you I will try :grinning: