App hanging "Your app is in the oven" using conda after fixing torch GPU error


This is my first time using streamlit and I am stuck at the deployment step. I was able to run my app locally but when I deployed my app to the cloud I first ran into a problem with torch using CUDA specific code.

I followed this dicussion: so I added the custom pipenv index to grab the CPU only pytorch from there: Added torch cpu version · damianr13/Racoont-AI@ef7e112 · GitHub but that resulted in a dependency conflict which caused pipenv to fail installing dependencies. It worked locally only by running pipenv install --skip-lock but I did not find the option of adding args to the pipenv command.

Then I followed this post: Managing your Streamlit dependencies using conda so I tried changing my package manager from pipenv to conda. Now the app hangs.

Is there any known solution to run code which depends on pytorch on the Streamlit Cloud?

Can you share the link to your app?


Streamlit URL:

Link to the repo: GitHub - damianr13/Racoont-AI

Your app is most likely hanging due to hitting the resource limit. Here’s a graph of the app’s memory usage over the past six hours:

I see. I don’t think I had access to that chart.

Given that the app doesn’t even start, then all this RAM is probably consumed by conda / pip. Do you have any advice on how could I handle this?

Yup, this chart is from our backend. It seems like the size of your dependencies is nearing 3GB. I’d recommend either running the app locally or on a platform where you can pay for increased resources beyond 3GB. Alternatively, if this app is for a nonprofit or educational organization, let us know and we can see what we can do in terms of resources.

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I understand. I will try running it somwhere else then. Thank you very much for the support

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