Streamlit app not getting deployed

Urgent help needed!

I developed a web app in python and i am trying to deploy it using streamlit. i have uploaded the necessary files including the joblib files and the requirements on my github repository. the app is working perfectly on my local cloud but when I try to deploy it, it gets stuck on โ€œyour app is in the ovenโ€ for hours.

this is what it reads last in the manage app section:

[22:31:52] ๐Ÿ Python dependencies were installed from /mount/src/nelm-early-recurrence/requirements.txt using pip.
Check if streamlit is installed
Streamlit is already installed
[22:31:54] ๐Ÿ“ฆ Processed dependencies!

Once reboot the app or else re deploy it again. Make sure to check all the dependencies mentioned clearly in requirements.txt file. Especially jobilb and skleanrn packages may have compatible issues.